A special Gwinnett Humane Society thanks to :

Generosity from the Heart

Have you ever seen the couch we had at Pleasant Hill?  It was looking quite shabby and made one think …do I want to sit here?  After all, a lot of behinds have been parked on that couch…..

As a current GHS volunteer and having a business and personal relationship with 5 Star Restorations, I had a conversation with the owner John Barker.  He is a great man, and when I asked him about finding something inexpensive to replace our current couch, he without hesitation volunteered to have 5 Star Restorations “take it down to the bones and replace the upholstery” and all for no cost.  Today, the couch is a beautiful item of furniture that would shine in any house.  Everyone is amazed.

Thank you Mr. John Barker from Gwinnett Humane Society for your generous gift.