Pat a Pet

Pat–a-Pet is a community outreach program offered by Gwinnett Humane Society. Our volunteers share their personal pets monthly with residents in an assisted living center, a women’s shelter, and/or a facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. It has been scientifically proven that animal-assisted therapy and activity visits provide numerous cognitive, physical, social and emotional benefits to diverse human populations which include the elderly, children, physically disabled, deaf, blind, emotionally or physically ill.

Annandale Village Friends

The bond between humans and animals is truly magical and healing. A short time with a pet can make a person forget their cares and worries and experience pure joy and happiness.

To participate in the program we require the following:

Friendly Pet
Leash & Collar with Current Tags
Basic Obedience (CGC is recommended but not required)
Up to Date Vaccinations and Flea Prevention (Heartworm strongly suggested)

Participation in the Pat–a-Pet program is WIN-WIN. The residents enjoy the interaction with the dogs, and the volunteers enjoy the interaction with the residents. Our volunteers get as much out of a visit as the residents do.
For more information, contact or plan to attend one of the Orientation sessions.

Here are the visit dates for 2015. We have two visits monthly for Annandale and one visit monthly for Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV).

Annandale Village PADV
October 10/13, 10/28 October 10/3
November 11/10 November 11/7
December 12/08 December 12/5
Annandale Village PADV
January 1/12, 1/27 January 1/9
February 2/9, 2/24 February 2/6
March 3/8, 3/23 March 3/5
April 4/12, 4/27 April 4/2
May 5/10, 5/25 May 5/7
June 6/14, 6/29 June 6/4
July 7/12, 7/27 July 7/9
August 8/9, 8/24 August 8/6
September 9/13 , 9/28 September 9/3
October 10/11, 10/26 October 10/1
November 11/8 November 11/5
December 12/13 December 12/3